The primary mission of Atma Veda Gana Foundation is to Educate and Celebrate the Vedic Culture that originally established its roots in the Indian sub-continent.   The goal is to methodically study Vedas, Upanishads and Vedanta alongside disciplines such as Ayurveda, Vedic Sciences , Astronomy, Astrology, and Sanskrit  as well as the associated masterpiece summaries and treatises from philosophers and scientists. The student seeks inspiration through Jnana (knowledge, inspiration), Yajna (hard work, perspiration) and Bhakthi (devotion) to uncover the soul by exploring both the manifest universe as well as the inner self.  The approach will use a sound blend of science and philosophy to explain the manifestations and perceptions in this universe and seek to explain the transcendence to life beyond.  The use of science and logic is to convince the mind that there is a valid logical framework to explain the material world, in order to allow the mind to further explore how the self fits within this macrocosm. The methods and techniques for learning are done with a neutral bias and should not be confused with establishment of a sect in any way, shape or form. The use of these techniques is simply to stimulate free thought and reasoning within the individual and should be treated as a means to revealing the soul.